Welcome to QlikViewHQ!

Hello there!

My name is Brecht and I am a Business Intelligence Freelancer. I have been programming and working with software for more than a decade and started focussing on BI in 2011. Since then I tried out a variety of BI tools and packages, including QlikView. I started this website because I believe that QlikView is a great tool that needs some more exposure and documentation.

On QlikViewHQ you will be able to find some QlikView tutorials, screencasts and various tips & tricks. You can find the latest material in the blog which will be combined in other formats for easier access. As for now, enjoy the content and help us become the best unofficial QlikView resource!

I’ll see you around,



Looking for the official QlikView website?
You can find the official QlikView website at www.qlikview.com where they also offer official training and support.